Monday, March 30, 2009

CondetSoft Zombie Buster v1.0

CondetSoft Zombie Buster v1.0

A villager stays in a haunted house needs police help to chase away zombies in his house. You as a police with your team friend have to help him. The object of the game is to shoot the zombies. Be careful! Do not waste your bullets and do not shoot your team friends. If you have no bullet at all or if you shoot your team friends three times, the game will be over. This game consists of many levels. You have to shoot all of the number of zombies to go to next levels. More levels, more Challenges. Good Luck!


· a first-person shooter (FPS) view
· Superb hi-color graphics and smooth animations
· Superb sound effects
· Levels
· High score lists
· User friendly interface and easy to learn.


To register...

1) Select Purchase Game

2) Select Activate (after payment)

3) Select Enter Key Manually

4) Enter any 20 random digits


Click to Download


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