Monday, November 24, 2008

[Accelerometer] AcceSnake V2.0

[Accelerometer] AcceSnake V2.0

Here is the AcceSnake V2.0

A great Experience : Play a great Snake game with the accelerometer

AcceSnake is a "Snake-like game" using the accelerometer of your phone.

Developed in Python, this game has been entirely coded with a text-editor, on a N95 8Go. CmoaToto never used a computer to make it.

For the first time in a snake game, you can move in any direction, slow down, and accelerate just by moving the phone. You can cross your tail but don't touch the wall or you will loose a life.

If you don't have an accelerometer, or if you prefer to use the keyboard, just
choose the right option.

Click to Download

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