Friday, November 28, 2008

Quake III

Quake III for N95 8gb, N82 and E90

Quake 3 Arena

1. Extract files from archives
2. Create "quake3" folder on the memory card/mass storage drive on the phone (using usb mass storage mode with PC)
3. In the regime of the transmission of data we copy 9 files from the folder with the game QUAKE3 \ of baseq3 \ of pak0-8.pk3 into the folder QUAKE3 \ of baseq3 on the map of the memory (or simply we copy folder we move away all files without the expansion of.pk3).
4. Copy the baseq3 folder from the game installation directory to quake3 folder and LEAVE ONLY FILES ENDING WITH .PK3 and delete everything else. Any other files from the PC version will probably screw something at this point.
The directory/file structure should be like this on the phone:

| | pak0.pk3
| | pak1.pk3
| | pak2.pk3
| | pak3.pk3
| | pak4.pk3
| | pak5.pk3
| | pak6.pk3
| | pak7.pk3
| | pak8.pk3

5. Install P.I.P.S 1.3(or later if available) to the phone (pips_nokia_1_3_SS.sis)
6. Install Quake3 to the phone (q3a_v100_armv6_fpu_hwa.sisx)
7. If you want to use bluetooth mouse or keyboard in the game, install hidsupport aswell (hidsupp_v100.sisx)

You should now be able to start the game (takes some time to start, with the shell still visible, so please be patient). If something goes wrong, the game writes a log file (q3_log.txt) to the quake3 directory, in the case of error
you might want to contact me and send a few last (20) lines of the log file with a description of the error.

The first thing to do in the game is to reconfigure the ingame keys. The default keymappings do not correspond to the real
phone keyboard in any way. Other than that there are few hardcoded keys that cannot be changed:

console key - * on the phone keypad, the green call key on the internal E90 kb, windows button on Logitech DiNovo mini, and the left softkey on the Nokia KB
esc - the right softkey

NOTE: The # key on the phone keypad can be used to navigate to the next menu item in the ingame menus

NOTE2: Full screen antialiasing(FSAA) can be controlled from the graphics options, the default is OFF


Multiplayer should work out of the box, however I strongly recommend that please configure the access point to be used in the ingame network settings(restart of the game required). When the access point is configured, the game
will automatically use that connection. Also, running a local server on the phone requires that you have configured the access point to use. If the game can not use the access point for some reason, it's switched back to none

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